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Tax Preparation Services

Cleveland Tax Preparation & Planning Services

Pease Bell CPAs offers more than just an integrated approach to tax preparation with a broad range of tax services. We provide relief for tax headaches.

  • Business tax
  • Multi-state tax
  • M&A tax
  • Tax management consulting
  • Federal and state income tax reduction strategies
  • Tax benefits available to outbound export manufacturers
  • Estate and business succession planning
  • IRS and state audit representation
  • Estate, gift, and trust tax return preparation
  • Individual tax planning and preparation
Our tax preparation starts with an intelligent assessment of your wants and needs, after which our expert tax consultants create an individualized and comprehensive plan to help you achieve your objectives. At Pease Bell CPAs, we provide clients with the expert guidance they need to navigate the tax transformation taking place in the marketplace.

It isn't enough to "be there" for your clients at the end of the tax season. Successful tax preparation services also involve understanding client needs now and in the future. Most accounting firms report on your tax history. At Pease Bell CPAs we aim to impact the present and then change your future for the better.

Our advisors work with our clients to develop a tax plan that meets specific objectives; then, we provide ongoing assistance implementing and maintaining that plan to ensure success. In addition, we focus on identifying your internal objectives, your industry, and your tax concerns while personalizing our services to meet your long-term goals. Constant communication is our goal with all of the tax services we provide.

"What we sell is happiness - our goal is to reduce your stress, instill confidence in our outcomes and give you peace of mind." Kuno Bell, partner.

Our tax CPAs are busy beyond the typical tax season getting to know their clients' businesses, current challenges, and potential situations they will face. We are always listening to what our clients have to say; no question is too small to be answered quickly and effectively by our capable team.

In addition, another one of our essential tax services keeping our clients abreast of changes in an increasingly complex tax system. This ensures compliance and offers the confidence of knowing your tax and accounting needs are being met by professionals with their eye on the issues that are most important to your business.

As tax preparation and planning is an important part of a solid business strategy, our industry specialists will be with you for the long haul to make sure your tax plan fits your needs and your future goals.

For more information and a consultation, please contact Jennifer Barnes, Kuno Bell, and Chuck Federanich, partners and practice leaders. You can also call our main office line at 216.348.9600 to schedule your consultation and learn more about how we can help with tax preparation services in Cleveland.


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