Switching jobs in a remote work environment


Switching jobs during a global pandemic may seem like a bold move. Switching employers always carries a certain amount of uncertainty, let alone when the entire world seems to be in a state of uncertainty. Since I have begun my current position at Pease, I have only met a handful of the people that I work with in person. One may think that as a new employee I may feel left out of the loop or maybe even feel forgotten about in the abyss of the remote work world. When in fact, I could not have felt anymore welcome due to Pease’s attitude of inclusion and teamwork.

I have been fortunate enough to have had a few years of experience in public accounting which has helped me navigate through this past remote busy season. Easily accessible technical guidance and prior year engagements have been a wonderful resource as there are usually some growing pains when switching firms in the public accounting industry as one learns manager preferences and other firm documentation preferences. When I have had questions about certain client engagements, my seniors and managers are always eager to help and answer my questions or refer to another engagement that had a similar situation.

Pease has been able to mitigate the constraint of making new hires feel welcomed in a few ways. The first of these efforts is the constant communications with my fellow colleagues. As a new hire, I have felt the constant communication from my teammates to make me feel as if I have always been part of the team. Technology has allowed us to communicate and see each other in a way that would not have been possible 20 years ago. Not only are we able to share screens or discuss client engagements with webcams on, we are also able to engage in the social interactions that would otherwise occur daily in an office space. While we are not in the same physical space, Sunday’s NFL games are still being discussed, updates on each other’s wedding plan are still being shared, and most importantly people are still laughing.

Written by: Chad Sinkovich

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