Finding the Right Fit – Allison Parsons, Controller

Pease Bell
January 2, 2019

Allison Parsons started her career at age 16 as a client account representative for a distribution company. After graduating from Baldwin Wallace University in 2007 with a degree in Business Management and Administration, Allison joined Pease, CPAs as Executive Assistant for Joe Pease, and has since made a remarkable impact on the firm.


In 2016 Allison advanced to the role of Controller, becoming a major driver of Pease’s organizational culture. Alongside her continuing support role for Joe Pease, she is responsible for management and development of the firm’s financial, human resource, and employee relations functions. Prior to becoming Controller, Allison helped plan many of the firm’s social activities, including friendly competitions, client functions, and community and holiday events. She also initiated numerous organization recruitment activities and laid much of the groundwork for the firm’s robust internship program.

When seeking a firm to start their career, interns and recent graduates alike must determine the type of environment where they can best thrive, notes Allison. Rather than finding a workplace where there’s opportunity for growth, many job candidates are merely focused on salary or the most prestigious job title.

“Candidates should interview the firm, too – finding a place that is the ‘right fit’ is just as important as being interviewed,” Allison shares.

Pease, CPAs is a great place for both recent graduates and experienced professionals to build their skillset while being treated as a valued family member. “Due to our size, open communication is welcomed across all levels,” says Allison. “Team members’ feedback and ideas are encouraged and can grow quickly.”

The firm is a particularly good environment for interns, Allison adds “Interns are encouraged to gain knowledge and practical experience from other team members at all levels of the organization, including our directors, which may not ordinarily happen at larger firms.”

Pease’s partners and managers are committed to supporting team members in attaining their long-range career objectives. “We are the perfect-sized firm; our size is conducive to a more personal environment, yet large enough to attract a diverse and impressive client base, which makes the work both challenging and rewarding,” Allison explains. “What I like most about Pease are the people,” Allison concludes. “They are what truly makes our firm unique, and we do our best to make every team member feel at home.”


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